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Welcome to the Thomas Gaitley Photography gallery.  These are our finest artistic achievements and most popular images from New England and around the world.  Each scene represents the greatest emotional involvement by the artist in what lay before the camera.


Enjoy the sense of wonderment and emotional inspiration of the scene the moment an image was captured - in essence, the moment when a vision is most familiar.   Explore our web site and galleries and let these images inspire you.   If an image resonates with you, visit our Ordering Page to learn how you can acquire a fine art image with confidence.   Or, if you are just taking a break from the demands of the day and need a little visual refreshment, feel free to relax, browse and enjoy the web galleries.

New England Collection

A collection of physical and cultural perspectives and views of New England, from its coasts and waterways of the Atlantic to its mountainous and rugged interiors, including its forests, back roads and pastoral countryside.

Lighthouse Collection

Maritime gems - active and historic lighthouses along our coasts and inland waterways.

Personal Favorites Collection

A gallery of the artist's favorite images and moments from around the world.

Coastlines and Shorelines

Scenic views of the estuary and marine environments as the land transitions to the ocean and sea.

Inland Waters

Images of still, churning and flowing fresh water, including inland lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands, as well as waterfalls and cascades.

Urban, City and Streetscapes

Inspired images from around the world of the people, scenes and architecture of our cities, towns and streets.

Rural and Natural Landscapes

Scenic and traditional landscapes, including mountains, hills, forests, plains, grasslands and the rural farmsteads of the countryside - both tamed and untamed.

Nature and Wildlife

Images that capture natural phenomena, wildlife and the biodiversity of the world's ecosystems.

Sports and Events

Images of casual and organized, individual or team sports and competitions; festive occasions and special events and the activities of people from a variety of cultures.

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